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Betting Out of Position in Texas Holdem

You will often see players struggle in deciding how much to bet, or to bet at all, when in other positions other than the button or cutoff. That is understandable, as playing when in early position has certain liabilities. However, there are ways that you can still bet and come out the winner.

As with every Texas Holdem strategy involved when in weak positions, the kind of hand that you hold will be a key factor in how your game plan develops. Assume that you are holding a playable hand like pocket sevens. If the player on the button makes a raise no more than three time the big blind, you should call.

This goes against most common Texas Holdem betting strategies, because most would either fold to a raise, or just check the hand. However, if you check, you already send a clear message to the raiser that you hold the weaker, hand and a re raise will end the hand quickly.

By calling the raise, you will be able to take a chance and see the flop. Here you need to put your reading skills to good use. If the Texas Holdem flop is Ace high, you should go make a check. If he makes a bet, you should fold your hand. However, if you hit the flop (make a set or two pair) then bet hard.

When you make the hand the correct Texas Holdem betting strategy to use is to make a large wager and re raise if you are called. Your set is probably the best in the game, so take the opportunity to end the hand now. You do not want to risk the possibility that your opponent is holding pocket Queens and beats you on the turn.

If you miss the flop completely, you should read your opponent's reaction, because he might have missed the flop too. If that seems to be the case, you can make a bet to see if he will fold.

If you flop a gutshot straight draw, the Texas Holdem betting strategy should be to wager a nice amount. While this is not how you would play it if you are in middle or late position, the fact that you are first to act means you need to be more aggressive the moment you see the chance for getting a hand.

Betting when you are out of position in Texas Holdem is no easy task, but with discipline and the proper reading of the situation, you will be able to take down pots just when your opponents think you have no chance.

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