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Betting At The Breeders Cup

Most people think that horse racing is all the same and that the competition is more or less level when it comes to the horses. That is farther from the truth. The type of horses may be the same but the events or races within differ.

One such race is the Breeders Cup. The breeders cup is held once a year and s normally sponsored by a group that opts to have the event held at different places throughout ts existence. To date, there are up to eight races per Cup with over a million dollars at stake. The money prize increases per year and the highest that the Cup has gone was over four million dollars.

A race this size and magnitude attracts all sorts of players from around the world. To be able to win at the Cup, it is very helpful to follow the pre-season and the events that lead to the Cup to be able to qualify. The various races at the Cup are subdivided into various categories according to time and horses. In most races, they are held on dirt and must be run by horses that are three years and older. Younger horses do not qualify.]

Among the races in the Cup, the shortest race ever is recorded at one mile minimum. The longest race goes and extra half mile more. Although most of the races are held on dirt, three of the races are held on grass. These races are the Cup Turf, the Cup Filly and the Mare Turf. Players who bet on the strength of the track ar advised to focus on the ones that run on dirt than on grass for grass adds an unknown element to the mix.

Whenever players bet on the Breeders cup and its races within, it is vital to remember that all the lessons or knowledge learned from the previous races have a bearing on the top races to be held. Most favorites and strong contenders are the ones that usually ascend to their own races are the ones to look out for. One should make sensible and realistic bets on the horses that seem to be the ones in the lead and might win against others in the races.

Weather also plays an important part of the races. Although some races are held inside a dome, usually the famous Hippodrome, which has a constant protection from weather during races. When betting in these areas, the only concern must be the track and form of the horse.

Crowd betting is a common thing that goes on during races. People tend to follow the leadoff a favorite and bet with them. This is fine as long as one knows the odds. However, if the odds are lowered, one may opt to bet on another horse that has fewer backers but more odds and this means more profits.

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