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Beginners' Guide to Non-Team Sports Betting

If you're new to the world of sports betting, don't be overwhelmed. You may hear a lot of strange terms a lot, but you need to know only a few things to start with sports betting. We'll focus on betting types for non-team sports.


In the US, popular non-team sports include golf, tennis and auto racing. In the UK where sportsbooks are widespread and legal, you can bet on just about anything, not just sports. In both countries, two betting types are commonly used for non-team sports wagering. These are "Betting to Win" and "Matchup Betting."

BETTING TO WIN - Betting to Win can be an ordinary bet on who you think will win, or a "Future Bet" (staking your bet long before the event). When betting for someone to win, the odds are given as: 4/1 where 1 is your bet unit, and 4 is what you multiply it by. The product will be your profit should your pick win.

So at odds of 4/1 for a golf player to win, if you bet $40, you stand to gain $160 aside from getting back your original $40 wager.

Odds may change leading up to an event in Future Betting. If our golfer is on a winning streak on the way to the tournament, their potential return will be lowered. This is to attract bets to other players, so the sportsbooks can make money regardless of who wins. (That's called getting a "balanced book.")

MATCHUP BETTING. This is the choice for head-to-head meetings. It can only happen when a match between two individuals is scheduled. In other words, you can't make a match betting for, say, a tennis Grand Slam final when you don't know yet who's going to be in the final.

Matchup Betting is the betting type for boxing events. For the upcoming (at this time of writing) Pacquio-Barrera fight, the Las Vegas odds are:

Pacquaio -260 vs. Barrera +220

This means you have to risk $260 on Pacquaio to win only $100. But if you bet $100 on Barrera to win, you can get $220 (if he does win).

The odds are made this way so as to attract more punters for the underdog (Barrera in this example). With such a high potential return for underdog betting, people who'd otherwise wager on the favorite (Pacquaio) may be enticed to bet on the underdog instead.

That is all there is to Betting to Wing and Matchup Betting. Easy, isn't it? You can easily do this with online sportsbooks, usually offshore and located in Costa Rica. You can even get bonus money! So stock up your bankroll and have fun with sports betting!

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