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Craps Betting Tips

When you are fond of playing casino craps, always expect that the house edge is unbeatable and that the game requires more luck than skill. However, there are ways to minimize losses and increase the potential of winning.

There isn't any particular strategy or technique in playing craps. It takes a lot thinking and making the right moves in order to beat the odds. One way to try one's luck on beating the house edge is to bet properly and sensibly. One must also know the basic rules of the game and how to make bets before playing the game.

The most common bets in casino craps are the pass line and come bets. As a rule of thumb, when a bet wins in either one of these bets, the other loses. The most crucial bets in a casino craps are the big six and big eight bets which have lower house edge and so goes with a pass line bet.

In making a pass line bet, the player or the shooter normally makes a pass. If a shooter throws at seven or an eleven on a come-out roll, you will win. Repeating the point number prior to rolling a seven could also make you win your pass line bet.

If you make a come bet, it is almost similar to a pass line bet. The only difference between the two is that a come bet can be made on every throw.

The bets that pay even payouts are the big six and big eight bets. These bets are made for rolls that are wagered on an 8 or 6 prior to a roll on 7.

If you wish to maximize the allowable bet on casino craps, then you should wager on odds bets.

Remember that these betting tips are not sure fire strategies that could make you win 100% of the time. These are tips to maximize your potential and minimize your losses. Casino craps is a game of luck and beating the odds. Do not wager all your money as other players might suggest because it will only make you lose more and you'll go home broke. If the game isn't producing any profit, stop and quit. Online craps is the same; it relies mostly on luck. But remember to enjoy and have fun while you are playing this game of luck. The thrill and excitement lies on the opportunity of winning from craps, but the critical part is how you are sensible enough in the process.

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